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18 February 10:00 - 11:00

How to remove bias from the recruitment process
— Shifting the focus to the candidates' skill set

A strong diversity and inclusion strategy will help your organisation attract top talent and drive competitive advantage. However, removing bias from the recruitment process and creating a level playing field for candidates can often be easier said than done.

Following up on our successful Diversity & Inclusion webinar we're introducing The 'How to' Series, a three-part webcast where we'll share best practices regarding unbiased recruitment and workplace inclusion.

In the second step we'll explore:
🔎 What we can do to offer a fair screening process
🔎 How we can remove bias when interviewing
🔎 What/how technology can help

Join our expert panel as they discuss real-life experiences, the future of recruitment and how we can eliminate bias from the recruitment process.

Date: 18th February
 10 AM GMT/11 AM CET
1 hour

Did you miss the webinar? Don't worry, watch it here.
Watch the recording of Part 1 here.

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Leah Agar
Content Producer / Teamtailor

Leah is a media and communication professional who is working as a Content Producer at Teamtailor.

She has spent her career in different industries ranging from media to HR, working closely with c-level executives of anything from startups to multi-billion dollar companies across EMEA. During this time, she has gained direct knowledge from industry leaders on what companies are doing to promote diversity and unbiased, equal opportunity within their team and recruitment processes.

Having been frequently exposed to different cultures and environments from a young age, both personally and professionally, she is determined to use her knowledge and experience to encourage equality and diversity in the workplace.

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Samantha Braun
International Clients Consultant / Teamtailor

Samantha is a client consultant at Teamtailor. She's been working in recruitment Tech (higher education and HR) for the past four years after a career in EU and IP law and in the fashion industry.

Belonging  to minority groups as well as neurodiverse, Samantha shares her expertise with recruiters from EMEA and APAC on how technology can support unbiased recruitment through transparent employer branding and how diversity enhances the workplace.

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Nathan Nalla
Founder & Director / Be The Riot

Nathan is the Founder and Managing Director of Be The Riot, supporting companies to create an inclusive working culture through facilitated focus groups and learning workshops.

He's also the Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Soho House, a global community of diverse creatives. And, a Trustee for BlackOut UK, a charity dedicated to Black men who identify as gay, bi or trans. Stewarding community, spaces and resources to tackle the unique challenges we face.

Nathan began this journey in Diversity & Inclusion a few years ago when working for a charity that focused on social integration. He saw first-hand the benefits of having people from all different backgrounds working together, breaking down barriers and achieving great things for society. As a man who is racialised as Black and identifies as gay, he tries to use his personal experiences to shape any work that he does.

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Elin Öberg Mårtenzon
CEO / Tengai-Unbiased

Elin is a leader and a visionary recruitment pioneer, driven to change, improve and innovate the field of HR and recruitment. With over 15 years’ experience in HR-strategies, and a background from the IT-recruitment industry in Sweden. She has served in director roles, at global recruitment players as well as start-ups.

Today, she is the CEO at Tengai where she works relentlessly to make the employment market accessible to everyone. Equality is her motivation and Tengai is an extension of her personal values.

Elin is an active keynote speaker on the subjects of the future of recruitment and HR-tech disrupt. She recognizes how important talent sourcing is to have a successful business and therefore argues selecting candidates based on their future potential. Elin puts her finger on real current challenges and speaks with great enthusiasm about combining the recruitment process with exciting technological solutions.

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Natalia Panowicz
CEO / Codility

Natalia Panowicz is the Chief Executive Officer at Codility, where she has held key roles since joining as one of the company's earliest employees. She has expanded Codility from Europe into the US, securing $22M in venture capital along the way.

A frequent public speaker and media contributor, Natalia is a leader for diversity, equity and inclusion, focused on helping organizations build high-performing and diverse engineering teams by promoting accurate and fair hiring practices.

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